Jump Start your career to make money smarter and faster.

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  • Why Contract for Deed Is the Best Method
  • Wholesaling and Subject To Financing
  • Structuring Deals and Writing Contracts
  • How to Find Motivated Buyers
  • Learn The ARV formula
  • OPM use other peoples money
  • Understanding ALL Contracts
  • Rehabbing and the real pitfalls
  • Marketing / managing your Properties
  • A simple strategy to get going
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The FAST Start Boot Camp

Do you dream of making money in Real Estate Investing? Do you dream of having passive income on multiple properties? Do you dream of owning a home? In addition are you stuck because your credit is bad and you have zero money? Have you declared bankruptcy or unfortunately been foreclosed on?

Turn your dreams and fears of not ever getting anywhere and declare your financial independence into reality. Learn how to make the RIGHT choices, avoid the mistakes, and get your real estate career off to a SOLID BEGINNING!

Jump Start your career

The secret to our success over this staggering amount of time is CONTRACT FOR DEED. The most powerful owner financing contract agreement ever produced. This system is over 200 years old. It is legal and the most effective way to buy without money or with bad credit in real estate today!

Our goal is to provide you an honest and realistic goal of what it requires to be successful in real estate today going forward this year and 2020. If you want it you can have it. No bullshit. We lay out in the simplest terms for ALL our students. If you want it, you can have it by following our proven teaching methods. Success is waiting for you at our extensive 2 Day Boot Camp and Workshop.

Here is a summery BUT not limited to the following:

  • Finding the deals.
  • Understanding how to structure contracts like a pro
  • Present deals that will be accepted because you completely understand the process
  • Know the esoteric terms inside/out that Realtors/Mortgage professionals use
  • Learn The ARV formula

What does it take to be a Real Estate Investor?

Confused on all the terminology? Overwhelmed by all the wealth building seminars? Have NO clue where to begin? This is a foolproof way to jump start your buying power with REAL KNOWLEDGE.

If you watch late night television, you will believe that real estate investing is a piece of cake. There is nothing to it. Easy? Right. However these idiots are teaching the wrong thing? What???? Because they have mostly never done it. That’s right they are pretenders and only want YOUR money and NOT teach you the right way for you to MAKE money. We can show you how many of our students made costly mistakes and paid these jokers thousands and thousands of dollars. Finally they come to us to learn and are absolutely blown away!

Over 70 Years of Success

We understand your are skeptical. We get it. We are real people who are experienced and there is not a deal we have never done. That is why we designed the best system out there to buy real estate to build your own impressive portfolio. Thats right, Contract For Deed!

This is a no nonsense no bullshit two day (and support after with calls and email support) boot camp and workshop to help you facilitate buying property. You will receive the support, the knowledge and hit the ground running.

Experienced (over 70 Years of success) coaches will take you step by step through the strong curriculum. They will outline many options (contract techniques) in owner financing. If you follow our pros they will also more importantly show how to NOT LOSE MONEY. That’s as important as making money.

You will learn how smart investors buy property. Evaluating properties, estimating costs as well as being taught about structuring numbers/deals. One coach has OVER 25 years in the mortgage business alone and a great asset to have at the Boot Camp. The Camp will teach you how to hold properties, lease them with lease purchase agreements to maximize your profits and eventually when to sell them for a handsome profit. More importantly your confidence level will soar beyond your wildest dreams.

Specialized, Hands on Training

The Golden Triangle created this program for the seasoned investor or the beginner in mind. Our mission is always to give you an honest appraisal of what it takes to be successful. Simply put we have done it and there is no substitute for experience and we have 70 Years of success in every aspect of the real estate business. We have decades of experience in complex financing, buy/hold properties, assign for profit, the building industry, residential developers, flipping property all this through The Contract for Deed.

Success can be yours. This is not a hard sell and we are not pushing useless manuals that NO one reads. We provide intensive training that will rock and sock you. There will be NO up-selling at the camp.

Every student is different and every individual is special.

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