One on One Coaching


  • Ever wonder how fast you would succeed with coaching from successful seasoned real estate investors? This one of a kind mentoring will assist you with all aspects of real estate coaching and Contract for Deed. These investors will get you on the fast track. Free interactive weekly Webinars allows members to excel faster and better. Remember all our members have access to an extensive video library and all the programs and sections available to educate and prepare you for financial independence and be fundamentally sound moving forward.
  • Are you the type of person who has the resources to take advantage of our On Site Mentoring and Coaching? This unique personal assistance allows the student to speak directly to their coach to assure you are on your path to financial independence through creative financing and basic fundamentals. In addition, if you make the arrangements we can meet you in person and/or on site. We will teach you in person and walk you personally through each subject and deal. This Personal Training is unique in the real estate industry today. Please contact us for a private conversation on the specifics of this program.

Would you like to have our coaches work with you one on one? This means they will teach you in person, be available by phone, via emails and texts in addition help you structure deals one on one.

This unique program offers the student our decades of experience and proven success to jump start your career. The coaches will be able to guide you with the proper financial structuring and which contract type to present to a seller in real time. This fundamentally sound program requires more of a financial commitment of your part, however the benefits will immediately move you to the top 10% of the class. Please fill out the form below, we will contact you to discuss the specifics. There is a limit number of students we can assist personally at any given time given the depth of the one on one coaching. Serious inquiries only.

Thank you and we look for to hearing from you!

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