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Most frequent questions and answers

No not at all. There is a small monthly fee and you can cancel the next payment cycle at anytime and you will not be charged.

Knowledge is so important in the real estate investment industry. That is why it seems like you cannot find clear answers on most other real estate sites. We will dissect the information and teach it to our subscribers in a clear and easy way to understand how to purchase real estate with blemished credit, bad credit and little money.

It includes complete access to an extensive video library, webinars, interviews of professionals in the real estate industry, access to contracts, complete information regarding purchasing real estate, mortgages, credit repair, et cetera.

If you take in all the education provided and really absorb the information, anyone can gain the knowledge and be as productive as they want to be. Perhaps you want to buy your first home to live in or you want to build up an investment portfolio. The Golden Triangle will apply facts versus fiction and place your goals into a path of realism and eventual success.

Of course we will post upcoming events via the web site.

Besides our low monthly fee, GT offers a one on one physical coaching program by our founders who have over 70 years of experience.  This is for the individuals who have the financial means to pay a higher fee over a period of time. We would be happy to discuss this with those who are interested. This is not advertised on the site in any form.