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It seems as though Vincent Craven, Jr. (Vinnie) was born an entrepreneur. He started investing in real estate when he was in his young twenties. He began his career by buying property using a method called Contract for Deed which allowed him to buy and sell real estate for a profit. Initially, he bought Section 8 properties. As his success grew, by his mid to late 20s, he was buying townhouses and single-family homes. Eventually, he built custom homes for those willing to pay up to $2 million or more for 7,000 square feet of living space.

For more than 25 years, Vinnie was a licensed mortgage broker in the state of Pennsylvania. There was never a complaint filed against him with any organization, and he was a trustworthy owner of his own business in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. He was an award-winning broker each one of those 25 years that he was involved in real estate transactions. He was frequently asked to speak at conventions and meetings because of his skill at structuring deals and his knowledge and use of creative financing.

Year after year, Vinnie was a top producer. His company was known as the go-to company for getting deals done efficiently, economically, and ethically. He was well respected by his business associates and the community at large for his charity work. Vinnie also owned a credit repair company. He opened this company after noting the struggles of people with poor credit due to financial mistakes they may have made. Most of the work performed by this business was pro bono and it helped hundreds of people get back on their feet. All human beings have done something stupid they regret. Vinnie is human and did one stupid thing more than a decade ago. He paid dearly for that mistake and is now back on top and head of a new business venture. As someone once said, “A mistake should be your teacher, not your attacker. A mistake is a lesson, not a loss. It is a temporary, necessary detour, not a dead end.” Vinnie learned his lesson, took a detour, and is now back on track. Vinnie can certainly identify with Martha Stewart. Almost everyone knows her story. She was at the top of her game, so to speak, when she was convicted of insider trading and sent to federal prison for a few months. She emerged ready to put it all behind her, reclaim her good life and continue her good works. She made an incredible comeback and today has a television show, has authored many books, and continues to be a remarkable entrepreneur.

Other similar stories abound. For example, Michael Milken is the current chair of a non-profit “think tank” called The Milken Institute which hosts conferences on the topics of health, politics, the media, and culture. Forbes recently estimated Milken’s current wealth at nearly $4 billion. By the way, back in the 1990s, he spent 22 months in federal prison for securities fraud. He turned his life around and is now a well-respected philanthropist. Similarly, Vinnie spent some months in prison a few years ago based on one wrong turn he took more than a decade ago. He used his time in prison to teach classes to inmates on how to buy and sell real estate for a profit. They found his training to be both motivational and inspirational. He spoke to them in a language they could understand. Some of those folks never had a chance, but after Vinnie trained them on how to make a living, they left with the hope of a good future and a way finding good jobs to help them turn their lives around after their release.

Vinnie is now in the second half of his life. He has learned from his mistakes. Mistakes are part of the human journey. Everyone has highs and lows and lessons learned. Some, like Vinnie, learned these lessons the hard way. He will not let this error define him. He has come back strong and recognizes he has something valuable to offer. Winston Churchill once said, “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” He could have been talking about Vinnie. He  has several recommendations from those with whom he had a long business or personal friendship. This includes one from a retired Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney who confirmed that Vinnie has always been a hard-working, dedicated family man and the one act to which he pled guilty should not define his entire life.   Vinnie will answer any questions anyone has about his past. He understands that mistakes often get more public attention than do successes. Everyone slows down to look at the train wreck. But he encourages you to focus on the positive. He has led a good life helping people with only one incident of aberrant behavior. He has embraced the valuable lessons he has learned and is grateful for the opportunity he now has to share with others the pathway to success. Stick with Vinnie and you will benefit from his commitment to helping others, which includes helping them learn how to be financially successful while avoiding the mistakes he himself made.


“Experience is the foundation that leads to success. We are offering a sound and proven educational program for everyone to succeed at their own pace. You will obtain the knowledge and then apply these sound principles to purchase real estate. It allows everyone from the beginner to the more seasoned individual to have a real chance to achieve financial independence."

A Top 2% Sales Leader that sustained this elite status for over several decades. Developer of 5 residential building sites that ranged from the development of 10 lots to the largest consisting of over 400 lots. He developed these residential housing developments from the acquisition of land to coordinating the infrastructure and finally the construction and sales of the houses. Working closely with township and county officials to bring these projects to fruition. A Seller and buyer of residential, commercial and farm properties. Also a Partner in two construction companies and the Managing Partner in a Development Company. His duties included but not limited to research, acquisitions and sales. His experience in buying/holding and flipping property for over three decades is important to any student. Having a sound knowledge of contracts and financial structuring adds a very important element in todays business and real estate environment. In addition he founded a real estate related publishing company that produced three monthly periodicals that were distributed in four states. Besides achieving various designations he is a Graduate of the Land Institute having attended this course in Atlanta, GA.